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Walking into Exfolier Rejuvene, the first thing I noticed was the décor. The chandeliers, flowers and soft music made for a very welcoming environment for my first facial.  My appointment was for 4 pm and on the dot I was taken into the private back room to begin the procedure. First, my hair was placed back and my face washed. Next, Linda carried out a skin analysis that she does for every client.  I had always thought that I had an oily t-zone, when really I have dry skin and was just using the wrong products.  Linda was really thorough and every step was explained as she was doing it.  

A microdermabrasion facial is when tiny crystals are sprayed onto the skin to gently remove the outer layer and the dead cells.  It is a non-invasive procedure and not harming to the skin.  It is all skin exfoliation and rejuvenation that leaves the skin softer and brighter than before.  Microdermabrasion took about 40 minutes and a small machine that looked like a pen was swept across my face and had a pulling feeling almost like a vacuum.  There was no pain or discomfort and I actually enjoyed that feeling on my face.  Next, a white mask was placed over my face and a red, purple and blue light was flashed onto my skin for 20 minutes.  This was to even my skin tone, brighten and promote collagen growth.  As soon as that was done a face mask to brighten and moisturize was placed on and left for a couple of minutes to harden.  Throughout this whole process the conversation was flowing and Linda was so great to get to know. She had calmed all of my nerves that I had going in there.  After my facial she asked if I would like to do my brows as she saw potential in the thin sparse blonde hairs.  My brows were tinted to a shade of brown to match my hair and waxed into a perfect arch.  

After a final look in the mirror, I left Exfolier Rejuvene with amazing brows, plump glowing skin and a smile on my face.  It was a great experience that left my skin with noticeable differences and a beautiful glow that will now regularly be part of my beauty routine.

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