The Enchanted Poutinerie

The Enchanted Poutinerie is a must visit here on wilson avenue. Serving up classic poutines as well as different flavours like cheeseburger, jerk chicken, nachos and even dessert poutine, this is the spot for all poutine lovers. Walking in, you’re greeted with the bright and live colours of the ceiling; the greenery and forest walls, and the rainbow couch. The music is playing, and the delicious smell of poutine fills the air.

Owners Enzo and Carmine put a lot of time and effort into The Enchanted Poutinerie. Whether it was hand painting the ceiling, coming up with all of the items on the menu, only using the best quality canadian potatoes for their fresh cut fries, or using grandma’s old recipe for their veal sandwiches, everything is well executed.

The best part is their halal and kosher options. All of their salt is kosher, and all meats halal. Catering to the vegan and vegetarian communities they also have vegetable gravy and vegan cheese as well as their classic beef gravy; allowing you to pick which one you would like. Their vegan poutine includes beyond meat sausage, vegan cheese and veggie gravy. Or you can get the vegan classic. Enchanted poutinerie caters to all dietary needs, meaning everyone can enjoy all this place has to offer.

As well as catering to dietary restrictions The Enchanted Poutinerie is helping to save the environment. They are a plastic free environment, with all of their containers and utensils being biodegradable, and using only packaging that can be recycled.

Stop by and enjoy the beautiful ambience and delicious food to go with it!